Wire ropes and pulleys

Selection Procedure

1. Based on the given data like nature of application, duty etc, select the type of rope

2. Estimate the design load by multiplying the dead weight by three times design factor.

3. Determine the net cross sectional area of the rope by choosing specific strength of wire.

4. Find out the diameter of rope

5. Select the next standard dia of rope and note down the max breaking strength

6. Compute the load applied at normal working acceleration and starting etc. find out the actual factor of safety by dividing the breaking strength by above loads

7. For safe design the actual factor of safety should not be less than 5 at any circumstances

8. Then calculate the drum and pulley dimensions.

Selection of Transmission chains and Sprockets


1. Depending upon the amount of power to be transmitted and another working conditions such as available space, chain speed, position of chain drive etc

2. Assuming the center distance between the chaun sprockets in terms of pitches

3. Calculate the developed load for breaking the chain using expression as

4. For determining pitch, choose suitable chain from PSG Data Book

5. Find out the actual factor of safety

6. Determine the induced stress over the projected area of the chain using the relation as

7. Find the length of chain and provide allowance for initial sagging.

8. Evaluate the pitch diameter of pinion sprocket ( d1) and wheel sprocket (d2)

9. Draw a neat sketch of chain drive with calculated specifications.

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