What can engineers and engineering society do to public in terms of ‘voluntary service’?

What are the arguments for and against Voluntary Service by engineering professionals?

What are the different views on ‘leadership in communities’?

Write short note on ‘Leadership in Communities’.

How can individuals make a difference in leadership of Professional Societies?

How participation in Professional Societies will improve moral leadership?

Explain Moral Creativity.

‘Technologists were best qualified to govern because of their technical expertise’. Discuss in detail.

What is leadership and who are moral leaders?

List the roles of engineers as ‘leaders’.

What are the virtues of independent expert advisers?

What are the normative models of Advisers? Briefly explain each of them.

What are the factors that influence Advisers?

How should Engineer advisers act?

What are the Stakes for the engineer advisers?

What is the work of Engineers as Advisers?

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