Describe the destructive nature and power of weapons and their development?

• Towards the end of World War II, night raids sometimes  on civilian areas were ver y common

• The deaths caused  by Atom bombs  on Hiroshima,  Nagasaki  were not  more  than the deaths caused by single air raids in World War II

• But they were horrible because of their power in rapid delivery of destructive power in immense concentration

• Hiroshima  Bomb  –  equivalent  to  20000T  of  TNT  powder  carried  on  267  bogies  of railroad (2 miles long) for one bomb – again equivalent to 740-B52 bombers to carry this load.

• USSR  exploded  Hydrogen  bombs  in 1960  – 50 & 60 mega  ton range  for tests  with capabilities such as:

   2000 to 3000 times powerful than Hiroshima bomb                

   4000 to 6000 miles long train required to carry an equivalent amount of  TNT

powder which will take 100 hours to pass any point

   Will require one and a half million planes +(bombers) to carry the powder

Towards the end of cold war

    USSR had 5800 megatons (9500 warheads on 2700 launchers) and

    USA had 3300 megatons (10800 warheads on 2000 launchers)

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