How much is being spent in Defence expenditure and how Arms Trade gets promoted by private manufacturers of arms?

–           Hundreds of billions of dollars, annually, throughout the world, are being spent for military operations.

–           25% of this is spent on just procurement of weapons.

–           17% of these are spent in transactions across countries

Promotion of Arms Deals:

1. Krupp, a family of successful arms merchants and manufacturers

Armies and navies invested in Krupp’s nickel steel armour    Then  Krupp  made  chrome  steel  shells  that  can  pierce  nickel  leading  to  further investment by military.

Then they made a high-carbon armour plate that can resist the new shells resulting in more orders Then Krupp again produces,  ‘capped  shot’ with explosive  noses which can pierce through the high-carbon armoured plate also  Arms deals continued to flourish

2. Vickers and Schneider-another arms manufacturer

    Supplying arms to Chinese, Japanese and Russians

    Pointing out the growth of the Japanese navy to Chinese

    Pointing out the growth of the Chinese to their rivals, Russians

    Russia – Japanese war in 1905 was useful for the cause of arms manufacturers.

    Russians lost the war, hence ordered fresh arms for rehabilitation

    Japanese  won  the  war,  but  were  upset  since  terrible  bloodbath  was  caused  by

Russians machine guns on land.

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