Illustrate the involvement of engineers in Weapons Development with examples.

1. Bob is employed by a firm manufacturing anti-personnel bombs. These bombs tie up much of the enemy’s resources in treating the wounded who survive its explosion (by showering its fragments on to the victims).  Though he does not like to be involved  in bomb  mfr.,  he justifies himself that someone would have to mfr them. If he does not, then someone else will. Of course, his family also needs a steady income.

2. A chemical engineer, Mary, got into napalm mfg when she was promoted. She does not like wars, but she feels that govt. knows better about international dangers. She also knows that  if  she  continues  doing  well  in  her  job,  she  will  again  be  promoted  to  work  on  a commercial product.

3. Ron is a specialist in missile control and guidance.  He knows that he was one of the

Engineers instrumental in keeping any potential enemy in check through his work. At least, there is enough mutual deterrence for a third world war.

4. Joanne is an electronics engineer working also on avionics for fighter planes that are sold abroad. She does not want these planes to be sold to hostile countries. Since she does not have any say on who should be their customers, she even alerts occasionally her journalist friends with information about her work which she feels all public should have.

Anyone who is involved in weapons development should be very clear as to his/her motives for being in the industry.

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