Terms Used in Governors

The following terms used in governors are important from the subject point of view ;

1.Height of a governor. It is the vertical distance from the centre of the ball to a point where the axes ofthe arms (or arms produced) intersect on the spindle axis. It is usually denoted by h.

2. Equilibrium speed. It is the speed at which the governor balls, arms etc., are in complete equilibriumand the sleeve does not tend to move upwards or downwards.

3.                 Mean equilibrium speed. It is the speed at the mean position of the balls or the sleeve.

4. Maximum and minimum equilibrium speeds. The speeds at the maximum and minimum radius ofrotation of the balls, without tending to move either way are known as maximum and minimum equilibrium speeds respectively.

Note : There can be many equilibrium speeds between the mean and the maximum and the mean and theminimum

equilibrium speeds.

5.                 Sleeve lift. It is the vertical distance which the sleeve travels due to change in equilibrium speed.

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