Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Mechanisms

In this, we shall discuss the relative velocity method for determining the velocity of different points in the mechanism. The study of velocity analysis is very important for determining the acceleration of points in the mechanisms.

Kinematics deals with study of relative motion between the various parts of the machines. Kinematics does not involve study of forces. Thus motion leads study of displacement, velocity and acceleration of a part of the machine. As dynamic forces are a function of acceleration and acceleration is a function of velocities, study of velocity and acceleration will be useful in the design of mechanism of a machine. The mechanism will be represented by a line diagram which is known as configuration diagram. The analysis can be carried out both by graphical method as well as analytical method.

Displacement: All particles of a body move in parallel planes and travel by same distanceis known, linear displacement and is denoted by ‘x’. A body rotating about a fired point in such a way that all particular move in circular path angular displacement and is denoted by ‘q’.

Velocity: Rate of change of displacement is velocity. Velocity can be linearvelocity of angular velocity.


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