Comparison of Mechanism, Machine and Structure

Mechanism Machine   Structure 
1.   There   is   relativeRelativemotionexistsThereisnorelative
motion between the partsbetweenpartsofamotion betweenthe
of a mechanismmachine.    members of a structure. It
       is rigid as a whole. 
2. A mechanism modifiesAmachine  consistsofA   structuredoesnot
and transmits or more mechanismstransform motion. 
3. A mechanism does notAmachinemodifiesA  structure  does  not  do
transmit forces and doesenergy or do some workwork.Itonlytransmits
not do work      forces.    
4. Mechanisms are dealtMachinesaredealt  withStructures are dealt with
with in kinetics.   in statics.   

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