Skills a Good Machine Designer should possess

Machine designer is the one who designs the machine and its various elements. A good machine designer possesses some skills that help him/her design the machine elements and machine that meet all the needs of the designer and that helps develop the high quality machine at lowest possible costs.Here are some important skills that a good machine designer should possess.

●      1) Inventiveness: This skill is the foundation stone for a good machine design engineer. Any new design starts with the need or some objective. A good designer should have inventiveness, which is the ability to think of or discover valuable and useful ideas or concepts for the things or processes to achieve the given objective. Without inventiveness the designer cannot start the process of machine design.

●      2) Engineering analysis: Engineering analysis is the ability of the designer to analyze the given component, system or the process using engineering and scientific principles. The designer who possesses this skill will be able to find answer to the engineering related problems very quickly for he or she knows what exactly the problem is and where it is.

●      3) Engineering science: This is another skill without which the designer will just not be able to do any designing. A good designer is the one who has thorough knowledge of and in depth training in the engineering science in which they are doing designing. For instance, if the person doesn’t know what the refrigerator is and other basics of mechanical engineering how will they be able to design the refrigerator?

●      4) Interdisciplinary ability: A good design engineer is the one who has the ability to solve the problems not only those related to his/her specialty, but also have the ability to competently and confidently deal the basic problems or ideas from other disciplines which are in some or the other manner linked to the machine they are designing.

●      5) Mathematical skills: All types of designs involve lots of mathematical calculations and iterations. A good designer should have the knowledge of all the basics and advanced mathematical concepts so that they can be applied fruitfully and effectively wherever required.

●      6) Decision making: During designing many times a number of uncertain situations arrive, in such cases the designer should be able to take the decision with balanced mind considering all the relevant factors involved. If the person doesn’t maintain the balance of mind and doesn’t consider all the relevant factors there are greater chances of taking the wrong decision.

●      7) Manufacturing processes: The design engineer should have the knowledge of the manufacturing process like cutting, drilling, milling etc and the knowledge of all the machines. They should also the knowledge of potential and limitations of all the machines and manufacturing processes which may be old or new.

●      8) Communication skills: Communication skill is the ability of the design engineer to express oneself clearly and persuasively orally, graphically as well as in writing.

●      These are the important skills that the machine design engineer or rather any designer should posses. Apart from this there are many other skills desired from a good designers, these are: skill in design, good judgment, simulation skill, measurement skill, thought skill, work in team, ability to make conclusion etc.

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