8 Important Steps of Designing Machine :

  Though the machine design procedure is not standard, there are some common steps to be followed; these can be followed as per the requirements wherever and whenever necessary. Here are some guidelines as to how the machine design engineer can proceed with the design:

●      1) Making the written statement:

Make the written statement of what exactly is the problem for which the machine design has to be done. This statement should be very clear and as detailed as possible. If you want to develop the new produce write down the details about the project. This statement is sort of the list of the aims that are to be achieved from machine design.

●      2) Consider the possible mechanisms:

When you designing the machine consider all the possible mechanisms which help desired motion or the group of motions in your proposed machine. From the various options the best can be selected whenever required.

●      3) Transmitted forces:

Machine is made up of various machine elements on which various forces are applied. Calculate the forces acting on each of the element and energy transmitted by them.

●      4) Material selection:

Select the appropriate materials for each element of the machine so that they can sustain all the forces and at the same time they have least possible cost.

●      5) Find allowable stress:

All the machine elements are subjected to stress whether small or large. Considering the various forces acting on the machine elements, their material and other factors that affect the strength of the machine calculate the allowable or design stress for the machine elements.

●      6) Dimensions of the machine elements:

Find out the appropriate dimensions for the machine elements considering the forces acting on it, its material, and design stress. The size of the machine elements should be such that they should not distort or break when loads are applied.

●      7) Consider the past experience:

If you have the past experience of designing the machine element or the previous records of the company, consider them and make the necessary changes in the design. Further, designer can also consider the personal judgment so as to facilitate the production of the machine and machine elements.

●      8) Make drawings:

After designing the machine and machine elements make the assembly drawings of the whole machines and detailed drawings of all the elements of the machine. In the drawings clearly specify the dimensions of the assembly and the machine elements, their total number required, their material and method of their production. The designer should also specify the accuracy, surface finish and other related parameters for the machine elements.

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