Shortcut Keys – Object Selection – use with editing commands

To PerformCommandShortcut
Adds each successive object, switches from removeADDA
All objects on thawed layersALLALL
Objects touched or enclosed by window – Move right to leftCROSSINGC
Objects touching or enclosed by selection polygonCPOLYGONCP
Objects touch by single selection fenceFENCEF
Opens object grouping dialogue – use with copy/move/etcGROUPG
Most recently created visible objectLASTL
Most recent selection setPREVIOUSP
Objects to remove from selection setREMOVER
Change the snap angle from default 0°SNAPANGLESNAPANG
Objects enclosed by window – Move left to rightWINDOWW
Objects within a window polygonWPOLYGONWP
To deselect an objectSHIFT+LEFT MOUSE BUTTON

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