Shortcut Keys for some common commands in Auto-CAD Drawing

To PerformCommandShortcut
Draw an arc with 3 pointsARCA
Calculate the areaAREAAA
Align an object with anotherALIGNAL
Opens application load dialogue boxAPPLOADAP
Make multiple copies of an objectARRAYAR
Opens Ariel view of drawingDSVIEWERAV
Opens attribute definition dialogue boxATTDEFATT
Audit drawing for errorsAUDITAUDIT
Edit attribute values for a specific blockATTEDITATTEDIT
Opens block dialogue box in order to make a blockBLOCKB
Closes the block editorBCLOSEBC
Opens the edit block definition dialogue boxBEDITBE
Opens block attribute managerBATTMANBATTMAN
Displays attribute order dialogue boxBATTORDERBATTORDER
Counts the blocks in a drawingBCOUNTBCOUNT
Draw a boundaryBOUNDARYBO
Break a line by defining 2 pointsBREAKBR
Draw a circleCIRCLEC
Copy objectCOPYCO or CP
Chamfer between 2 non-parallel linesCHAMFERCHA
Opens select colour dialogue boxCOLORCOL
Copy object from one layer to anotherCOPYTOLAYERCOPYTOLAYER
Opens dimension style managerDIMSTYLED
Opens design centreADCENTERDC
Calculate a distance and angleDISTDI
Draw a solid donut shapeDONUTDO
Single line textTEXTDT
Inserts point node a set divisionDIVIDEDIV
Opens point style dialogue boxDDPTYPEDDPTYPE
Erase selectionERASEE
Draw an ellipseELLIPSEEL
Extend a line to meet anotherEXTENDEX
Enhanced attribute extraction wizard to count blocksEATTEXTEATTEXT
Draw an arc between 2 intersecting linesFILLETF
Opens object grouping dialogueGROUPG
Global attribute edit of multiple blocksGATTEGATTE
Opens hatch and gradient dialogue boxHATCHH
Opens insert dialogue to insert a blockINSERTI
Insert a block by nameINSERT-I
Display the co-ordinate values of a pointIDID
Launches image managerIMAGEIM
Joins 2 objects to form single objectJOINJ
Creates a JPEG file of current drawingJPGOUTJPGOUT
Draw a lineLINEL
Opens layer managerLAYERLA
Draw a leader lineQLEADERLE
Display information about objects in a text windowLISTLI or LS
Creates a new layout tabLAYOUTLO
Change the line type scaleLTS scaleLTS
Lengthen or shorten a lineLENGTHENLEN
Leader line with annotationLEADERLEAD
Change objects to current layerLAYERCURRENTLAYCUR
Delete a layer by selecting objectLAYERDELETELAYDEL
Freeze a layer by selecting objectLAYERFREEZELAYFRZ
Isolates a layer by selecting objectLAYERISOLATELAYISO
Lock a layer by selecting objectLAYERLOCKLAYLCK
Match properties of a layerLAYERMATCHLAYMCH
Moves objects from first layer to second and deletes firstLAYERMERGELAYMRG
Switches a layer offLAYEROFFLAYOFF
Switches all layers on except frozen layersLAYERONLAYON
Restores previous layer stateLAYERPREVIOUSLAYERP
Thaws all layersLAYTHWLAYTHW
Walk through layersLAYERWALKLAYWALK
Access Layer manager to save and restore layer statesLMANLMAN
Move an objectMOVEM
Match properties of an objectMATCHPROPERTIESMA
Inserts point node at input distanceMEASUREME
Mirror an objectMIRRORMI
Draw multi linesMLINEML
Insert block in rectangular arrayMINSERTMINSERT
Calculate the region/mass properties of a solidMASSPROPMASSPROP
Offset an object by distanceOFFSETO
Launches options dialogue boxOPTIONSOP
Pan in drawingPANP
Edit a poly linePOLYEDITPE
Draw a poly line – a complex linePLINEPL
Point marker or nodePOINTPO
Draw a regular polygon 3 to 1024 sidesPOLYGONPOL
Opens properties dialogue boxPROPERTIESPR
Opens purge dialogue box to remove unused elementsPURGEPU
Preview a plotPREVIEWPRE
Opens plot/print dialogue boxPLOTPLOT
Rotate an objectROTATERO
Construction line in one directionRAYRAY
Draw a rectangleRECTANGREC
Region – for example, shadingREGIONREG
Edit a block reference in placeREFEDITREFEDIT
Opens rename dialogue box to rename blocks, layers, etcRENAMEREN
Revision cloud – note can select a poly lineREVCLOUDREVCLOUD
Stretch an objectSTRETCHS
Scale an objectSCALESC
Spell check a selection – ALL to check entire drawingSPELLSP
Spline or smooth curve along pointsSPLINESPL
Multi-line textMTEXTT
Opens insert a table dialogue boxTABLETB
Trim objectsTRIMTR
Displays tool paletteTOOLPALETTESTP
Undo last commandUNDOU
Opens units dialogue boxUNITSUN
Opens view dialogue boxVIEWV
Write a block – for use in other drawingsWBLOCKW
Masks part of drawing for clarityWIPEOUTWIPEOUT
Displays who has a drawing openWHOHASWHOHAS
Explode single entity to component partsEXPLODEX
Opens x-reference managerXREFXR
Construction line of infinite lengthXLINEXL
Lists type/block name/layer name/colour/line type of a nested object in a block or an xrefXLISTXLIST
Zoom in display – A=All, E=EXTENTS, W=WINDOWZOOMZ

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