Shortcut Keys for Dimensioning in Auto-CAD

To PerformCommandShortcut
Displays the calculatorQUICKCALCCTRL+8
Opens dimension style manager dialogue boxDIMSTYLED
Aligned linear dimension lineDIMALIGNEDDAL
Angular dimension lineDIMANGULARDAN
Arc length dimensionDIMARCDAR
Ordinate dimension from baseline of previous dimensionDIMBASELINEDBA
Ordinate dimension from 2nd extension line of previous dimensionDIMCONTINUEDCO
Diameter dimension for circles and arcsDIMDIAMETERDDI
Edit dimension text on dimension objectsDIMEDITDED
Check a distanceDISTDI
Linear dimensionDIMLINEARDLI
Ordinate point dimensionDIMORDINATEDOR
Override dimension styleDIMOVERRIDEDOV
Radial dimension for circles and arcsDIMRADIUSDRA
Display the co-ordinate values of a pointIDID
Opens drawing units dialogue boxUNITSUN

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