Lathe Machine Operations-Basic Turning Operations

In lathe machine the work part is rotates and the tool remains stationary . Lathe machine operations involve the turning , drilling, facing, boring threading and many more. Various tools and different orientation of the tool is used to get the desired shape.  All these methods are mainly basic turning operations. Lets discuss these methods.

Operations on Lathe machine

To understand the different operations the machinist must know how to give different feeds on the machine. And also must have a clear idea about the cutting tools. Different types of lathes are available in the industry. So lets discuss the processes and follow the diagrams for a better understanding.


Facing is used to make a flat surface at the end of the work piece. The work part should be rotating and the implied feed should be radial. S0 –

Feed  for facing operation in lathe machine : Radial feed.

Contour turning: 

In this operation of lathe machine the tool is not fed in a straight path . Instead the tool follows a contour. A contoured form is created in the turned part.

Feed : Contoured feed . Not parallel to the axis of of w/p roatation.

Form turning:

In this method a special shaped tool is used . The tool is inserted radially.

Feed for forming : Radial.

Diagram for lathe machine operation which involves facing, forming and contourturning

Taper turning:

Like contour turning the tool is not fed parallel to the axis of rotation of the work part. The tool is fed at an angle. This turning operation gives a conical and taper cylindrical shape.

Feed : radial (in an angle)


Only the cutting edge is used at the corner of  cylindrical shapes which is used for stress relieving of the workpiece.

Cutoff or Parting:

In parting operation the tool is fed radially and the end part of the workpiece is cut off.

Feed : Radial.


A single point tool head is fed linearly to the end of the workpiece (on the inside diameter) .

Feed : Linear.


A pointed tool is is used at the outside surface of the workpiece with linear feed. Watch this lathe machine operation youtube video for clear idea.


Drilling and reaming is done by feeding the lathe tool along the axis of the rotating job part.


It is a metal forming method which creates a regular cross hatched pattern. It is not a machining process. It does not involve any cutting of the metal

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