Differences Reaming and Boring Tools – Basics

Types of Reaming tools / Reams

Reams are needed to ensure exact size of the hole . It also provides great surface finish. A small amount of material is remove from the drilled hole. Reamer can be hand operated or machine operated. But they should be operated at slow speed.  Names of the different types of reams are as follows –

·         Shell reams

·         Adjustable reams

·         Tapered reams

·         Expansion reams

The figure below.webpts a clear idea of the different parts of the reaming tool.

Advantages of Reaming Process

·         reaming can produce precision holes.

·         Reaming process gives smooth internal finish of the holes.

·         A wide range of reamer is available. Custom reams can also be made.


Boring Tool Basics

Boring produces internal circular profiles in the hollow workpieces. The holes in the workpieces can be previously made by the drilling or other processes. The cutting tools used in boring is similar to the lathe machine turning. Sometimes the boring process can suffer from the problem of maintaining the dimensional accuracy throughout the full length of the bore. Tool deflection can cause such problems. in the following figure a vertical boring machine is shown. Generally boring is done by the help of single point cutting tool.

Advantages of Boring

·         Good control of the machine and tool.

·         Faster than reaming.

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