Hydro Electric Power Plant Turbine Advantages

  • To the power plant water source is regularly available without break. To generate electricity fuel is not required. It is properly termed as white coal.
  • Through the turbine, the water is passed to do the work and to downstream the process. Its effectiveness remains exhaustive for cultivation of farms and reducing the dehydration problem.
  • Compared to the nuclear power station and thermal power station the running cost is very less in the hydroelectric power plant installation.
  • In case of thermal power plant we can see the cost of fuel along with the transportation cost of the fuel.
  • In the thermal power station there is no problem with the disposal of ash. In the system there is no problem with the polluting gases, and particulates are not released into the atmosphere.
  • We cannot find the green house effects in the hydroelectric power plant. But it causes the acid rains and emits Nitrogen into the atmosphere.
  • In case of nuclear and thermal power plant, the steam turbine is put on turning gear for nearly two days during the starting and ending.
  • The thought of the hydroelectric power plant is very simple and self-contained in the process.
  • Compare with the other power plants the reliability of the system must be higher. The life time of the modern equipment’s have high life expectancy and without causing any trouble they work for 50 years.
  • In case of the thermal power plant they work for 30 years.
  • Due to the relaxation of picking up and throwing off loads in the hydroelectric power plant can be used as the idyllic spinning inverse in a system mixed up of nuclear and hydro power plant.
  • At considerable range of loads modern hydro generator gives more efficiency.
  • Main advantage is that the efficiency of system must be improved.
  • Power plant receives more benefits from the flood control, irrigation, navigation, and afforestation and aqua culture.
  • For operation process it does not required high skilled labor. Condition of man power is also low.

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