Why is Motivation Required?

The term motivation has been derived from the word ‘motive’ which is nothing but what prompts any person to act in a particular manner. Motives are the definition of a person’s goals, dreams and needs. They direct human behavior to towards achieving their goal.

When everything is properly organized, then what is the need of motivation?

The following points answer this question and gives an idea why motivation is an important factor for an entrepreneur −

●      Tough competition − An entrepreneur needs to face tough competition, in order to sustain and make a mark in this global market. To cope with this competition, motivation is required at each stage of the firm.

●      Unfavorable environment − Nobody knows what the future holds. One has to take care of the current economy and should be prepared for the worst situations of deteriorating economic conditions. For this, motivation and optimism is essential.

●      To create public demand − Market runs by the people and for the people. To run a business profitably, it is required to create a public demand for your product or service in the market and attract as many customers as possible. To do this in the right way, motivation is required.

●      To enhance creativity − Market always wants something new and different. If every firm offers the same product without any variation then there is no point of preferring one brand in particular. To sustain one has to be innovative. Add some new features in the existing products and services, make them more user friendly in a considerable budget. This requires motivation too.

●      To increase productivity − It is very important to take care of the quality of the product as well as the profit. People will always prefer a product which is cost efficient and of good quality. So, motivation is required for increase the productivity.

Thus motivation plays a unique role in establishing a company by frequently boosting the entrepreneur to do effective things efficiently.

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