Compacting / Pressing of metal powders.

Pressing the powders into desired part shape as closely as possible to final dimensions

Powders are compacted using high pressure.

·         Degree of pressure required depends upon

ü  Required density of final product

ü  Ease with which powder particles will weld together.

·         Compacting processes are

a)     Die pressing

b)     Roll pressing

c)      Extrusion

Die pressing

➢It consists of upper punch and lower punch as shown in fig.

➢Powder is filled on the space above lower punch.

➢Upper punch applies high pressure to the powder.

➢Finally the green compact powder is received as shown in fig. 

Description: Module 3 Lesson 3 Fig.3.3.6

 Die pressing

Roll pressing

➢ Two rolls of appropriate sizes are used.

➢Stream of powder is guided, so that the rolls are able to apply the necessary compacting pressure in a continuous sequence.

Description: Module 3 Lesson 3 Fig.3.3.7

Roll pressing

Extrusion method

➢Ram is used for applying force.

➢ Two dies are used for achieving proper thickness.

➢As seen in the figure the green compact is received which is further send for sintering process.                 

Description: Module 3 Lesson 3 Fig.3.3.8


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