Flow Meters

What is a Flow Meter?

A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a pipe. Flow measurement applications are very diverse and each situation has its own constraints and engineering requirements. Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, etc. depending on the particular industry; however the function, to measure flow, remains the same.

Why do I need a precision flow meter? 

You might not! Precision flow meters are used to provide accurate monitoring and/or flow control. Some industrial applications require precise calculation of quantity, such as precision servo-valve development for the aerospace industry. On the other hand, an application to measure water flow to a vineyard may only require a measurement accuracy of 5% to 10%.

Types of flow meters:

  Mechanical flow meters

  Electrical flow meters

Kinds of instrument (Flow):

  Quantity meters

  Flow meters       

Obstruction meters:




  Variable area meters

Velocity Probes:

  Static pressure probes

  Total pressure probes

Special methods:

  Turbine type meters

  Magnetic flow meters

  Sonic flow meters

  Vortex shedding phenomenon

  Hot wire anemometers

  Pitot tube

Ultrasonic flow meters:

Doppler frequency method

Transit time method

Other flow measurements:

  Current Meter

  Cup type

  Screw or propeller



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