What are the norms to be followed by ethical consultants in advertising?

• Generally consumer products can be advertised suppressing the negative aspects and even some exaggeration is allowed.

• But advertisement of professional services like engineering services is governed by strict norms.

NSPE forbids the following:

“the use of statements containing a material misrepresentation of fact or omitting a material fact necessary to keep the statement from being misleading; statements intended or likely to create  an  unjustified   expectation;   statements  containing  prediction  of  future  success; statements containing an opinion as to the quality of the showmanship   including the use of slogans, jingles or sensational language format.”

• Some degree of solicitation may be useful in encouraging healthy competition

• Or will it open the door to people who are not honest, who criticize unfairly or who exaggerate the merits of their services?

• In any case, restrictions on misleading advertisement are a must.

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