What steps can be taken to improve the ethical climate by managers?

1.   Ethical values and their full complexity are widely acknowledged and appreciated by managers   and   engineers.   Neither   profits   nor   promoting   the   interests   of   the organization is neglected  but the moral  limits on profit-seeking  go beyond  simply obeying the law and avoiding fraud.

2.   The sincere use of ethical language is recognized as a legitimate part of corporate dialogue. This is done either by formulating corporate code of ethics or by including ethical responsibilities in job descriptions at all levels.

3.   Top  management  must  set  a  moral  tone,  in  words,  in  policies  and  by personal example. Everyone should be confident that management is serious about ethics.

4.   There must  be  procedures  for conflict  resolution.  Managers should  be  trained  to resolve conflicts and on the other hand, a person should be exclusively made to have confidential discussions about moral concerns.

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