What are the 4 ways to resolve conflicts among persons suggested by Harvard Negotiation Project?

1)  People: Separate people from the problem.

Even though both the people and the problem are important, the personal aspect of the  conflict  should  be  separated  from  the  problem  to  deal  with  it  better.  On personality clashes, the focus should be on behaviour and not on people.

2)  Interests: Focus on interests and not position\s

This principle applies most clearly to personnel matters and ethical views, rather than technical disputes. Positions are stated views but these may not really express their best interests.

3)  Options: Generate a variety of possibilities before deciding what to do.Create a wide range of options especially in technical and ethical issues and facilitate discussions.

4)  Criteria: Insist that the result be based on some objective standard.

Beyond the goals of efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, it is important to develop a sense of fair process in how the goals are met.

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