Difficulties in establishing Safeguards

Incomplete knowledge of the engineering subject

    Refusal to face hard questions caused by lack of knowledge

    False sense of security

    e.g. Nuclear waste disposal problem

    Caution in stating probabilities of rare events

    Varying understanding of risk based on presentation of facts

    Risk assessments based on incorrect/unacceptable assumptions/data

    Only a few persons/groups participate in the exercise

Some of the ways by which engineers may try to reduce risks.

    In all the areas of works, engineers should give top priority for product safety.

    They should believe that accidents are caused by dangerous conditions that can be corrected. Negligence and operator errors are not the principal causes of accidents.

    If a product is made safe, the initial costs need not be high if safety is built into a product from the beginning.  It is the design changes done at a later date that are costly. Even then life cycle costs can be made lower for the redesigned or retrofitted product (for safety).

    If safety is not built into the original design, people can be hurt during testing stage itself.

    They should get out of the thinking that warnings about hazards are adequate and that insurance coverage is cheaper than planning for safety.

    All it takes to make a product safe  is to have different  perspective  on the design problem with emphasis on safety.

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