Centrifugal Pumps

·         Centrifugal’ means directing or moving away from the axis.

·         Centrifugal pumps use an impeller and a volute to create partial vacuum and discharge pressure necessary to move water through the casing.

·         Radial flow and mixed flow pumps are commonly referred to as centrifugal pumps.

·         The rotating element of a centrifugal pump is called impeller.

·         An open impeller consists of a hub to which vanes are attached, while a closed impeller has plates or shrouds on each side of the vanes.

·         The open impeller is less efficient compared to closed one but suited to handle liquids containing solids liquids containing solids.

·         Radial pumps are provided with a spiral casing, often referred as a volute casing, which guides the flow from the impeller to the discharge pipe.

·         A gradually increasing cross section around the casing tends to maintain a constant flow velocity within the casing.

·         Some pumps have diffuser vanes between impeller exit and volute casing.

·         Some pumps are double suction type

·        Higher the pressure drop or head, lower is the flow rate.

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