Gas Turbine

·         Gas turbine unit mainly comprises compressor module, turbine module, combustor and many auxiliary components.

·         Gas turbines find wide application as aeroengines and in power generation.

·         In power application, all the power developed by the turbine is used to drive the compressor, generator and the auxiliary systems of the power plant.

·         In aeroengines, the turbine develops power only to drive the compressor and the remaining energy of the combustion gas is used to generate thrust for aircraft propulsion.

·         Gas turbines are available in a range of sizes from micro scale to very large units.

·         Gas turbine units have high power to weight ratio, small frontal area and high efficiency.

Gas Turbine Engine – Aero Application

Small Gas Turbine

Micro Gas Turbine

MEMS Scale Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine – Specification

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