Axial Compressor

·         An axial compressor consists of a row of rotor blades followed by a row of stator blades and the working fluid traverses through these without significant change in radius change in radius.

·         The energy level of the fluid flowing through it is increased by the action of the rotor blades, which exert a torque on the fluid supplied by an external source.

·         An axial compressor is a relatively low-pressure ratio turbomachine with higher mass flow rate as compared to a centrifugal compressor.

·         The flow stream lines passing through the blading’s are nearly parallel to the shaft axis.

·         Flow enters axially and discharges almost axially.

·         The bl a de passages diverge from in l e t to exit, and hence the flow decelerates

·         Due to density variation from inlet to exit, the compressor end walls have flare with flow area reducing from inlet to exit.

Single Stage Axial Compressor

Components of Axial Compressor

·         Rotor S Rotor Stator

·         stator

·         Casing

·         Shaft

Applications of axial

·         Gas turbine

·         Turbocharger

·         Process industry

Multistage Axial Compressor

Transonic and Subsonic Axial Compressors

Axial Compressor Specification

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