ISO is a management system standard

International Organization for Standardization is headquartered in Geneva. It is a worldwide federation of national standard bodies, which are responsible for creating standard for each member country. The creation of ISO 9000 standard is to assure that the products and services offered by the member countries are globally recognized and accepted. It is one of the most widely recognized quality management tools for effective quality management and for achieving greater customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2000 improve the operation efficiency of the libraries enabling to provide best quality of services at lower cost to meet the challenge of increasing competition in global market (Balague, 2007).

ISO standards provide clear guidelines for the top management of an institution or university to improve the effectiveness of their education system.

ISO develops International Standards, including management system standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 31000. However, it is not involved in the certification to any of the standards it develops. Certification is performed by external certification bodies, which are largely private. When an Education organization is certified to an ISO standard they will receive a certificate from the certification body (Johannsen, 1996).

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