Finally: In case of a fire:


2.    Decide your strategy.

3.    If you want to fight:

1.    With What

2.    How

3.    Which arm (of the fire triangle) to fight

4.    Or, you might want to flee (evacuate)

Remember, all the conditions might not be met, e.g. to stay upwind, you might have to get away from the exit. Depending on the circumstances, you would have to choose which conditions to meet, and, which one to compromise.

You should know the local Fire-Station Number. Most countries have a uniform number (valid across the whole country) to reach the local fire-station. Do not ever make test/prank calls. Besides, being illegal (in most countries), you might have to live with guilt for the rest of your life – if your prank call – caused delayed response to a real fire-emergency somewhere else.

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