Using An Extinguisher

So, now that you have decided how to fight a fire, and, what kind of extinguishers to use, lets see, how to use an extinguisher. Most extinguishers are based on PASS System.

1.    “P” -> Pull the Pin on the extinguisher. This pin is kept to prevent accidental discharge while carrying/transporting the extinguishers.

2.    “A” -> Aim the nozzle of the extinguisher at the base of the fire. Its very important that the discharge from the extinguisher is directed towards the base of the fire. Most people make the mistake of directing the extinguishing agent on the fire itself. That’s ineffective. The extinguishing agent should be directed at the base of the fire – where the burning material is located. That is the point, where the fire-triangle is established, which needs to be broken.

3.    “S” -> Squeeze the trigger, so that the extinguishing agent starts flowing out of the cylinder, and, onto the burning material – at the base of the fire.

4.    “S” -> Swipe the nozzle sideways to coat the entire burning material, with the extinguishing agent.

“PASS” is an acronym to remember the steps involved – Pull (the pin), Aim (the nozzle), Squeeze (the trigger), Swipe (sideways).

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