Question Set 37

Question No. 1

What is the advantage of leaf spring over helical spring?


The advantage of leaf spring over helical spring is that the end of the spring may be guided along a definite path as it deflects to act a structural member in addition to energy absorbing device.

Question No. 2

Write notes on the master leaf & graduated leaf?


The longest leaf of the spring is known as main leaf or master leaf has its ends in the form of an eye through which bolts are passed to secure the spring. The leaf of the spring other than master leaf is called the graduated leaves.

Question No. 3

What is meant by nip in leaf springs?


By giving greater radius of curvature to the full length leaves than the graduated leaves, before the leaves are assembled to form a spring thus a gap or clearance will be left between the leaves. This initial gap is called nip.

Question No. 4

What is the application of leaf spring?


The leaf springs are used in automobiles as shock absorbers for giving suspension to the automobile and it gives support to the structure.

Question No. 5

Define flat spiral spring.


A flat spiral spring is a long thin strip of elastic material wound like a spiral. These springs are frequently used in watch springs, gramophones, etc

Question No. 6

What are the differences between helical torsion spring and tension helical springs?


Helical torsion springs are wound similar to that of tension springs but the ends are shaped to transmit torque. The primary stress in helical torsion spring is bending stress whereas in tension springs the stresses are torsional shear stresses.

Question No. 7

Define helical springs.


The helical springs are made up of a wire coiled in the form of a helix and are primarily intended for compressive or tensile load.

Question No. 8

What are the different types of helical springs?


The different types of helical springs are

1.     Open coil helical spring

2.     Closed coil helical spring

Question No. 9

What is closed coil helical spring?


1.     The spring wires are coiled very closely, each turn is nearly at right angles to the axis of helix

2.     Helix angle is small, i.e. less than 10 Degree.

Question No. 10

What is open coil helical spring?


1.     The wires are coiled such that there is a gap between the two consecutive turns.

2.     Helix angle is large i.e. greater than 10 degree.

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