Question Set 16

Question No. 1

Which heating value is indicated by a calorimeter and why?


Gross heating value because steam is condensed and heat of vapour formed is recovered.

Question No. 2                   

When does Emergency Seal Oil Pump automatically start?


When its pressure switch senses Main Seal Oil Pump discharge pressure reduced to 78 PSI.

Question No. 3

What is the consequence of not maintaining hydrogen (or air) pressure in generator casing at a value above atmospheric pressure when seal oil system is in service?


Failure to do so will cause excessive seal oil to be drawn into the generator.

Question No. 4

What is a radial-flow turbine?


In a radial-flow turbine, steam flows outward from the shaft to the casing. The unit is usually a reaction unit, having both fixed and moving blades.

Question No. 5

What are four types of turbine seals?


1.     Carbon rings fitted in segments around the shaft and held together by garter or retainer springs.

2.     Labyrinth mated with shaft serration’s or shaft seal strips.

3.     Water seals where a shaft runner acts as a pump to create a ring of water around the shaft. Use only treated water to avoid shaft pitting.

4.     Stuffing box using woven or soft packing rings that are compressed with a gland to prevent leakage along the shaft.

Question No. 6

What are two types of clearance in a turbine?


Radial – clearance at the tips of the rotor and casing.

Axial – the fore-and-aft clearance, at the sides of the rotor and the casing.

Question No. 7

Which reactor uses natural uranium as fuel?


Gas cooled reactors.

Question No. 8

Which reactor uses heavy water as moderator?

Answer: CANDU.

Question No. 9

Which reactor requires no moderator?

Answer: Breeder reactor.

Question No. 10

Which reactor uses primary coolant as fluoride salts of lithium, beryllium, thorium and uranium?

Answer: Molten salt breeder reactor.

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