Cim Hardware And Cim Software

CIM Hardware comprises the following:

i. Manufacturing equipment such as CNC machines or computerized work centres, robotic work cells, DNC/FMS systems, work handling and tool handling devices, storage devices, sensors, shop floor data collection devices, inspection machines etc.

ii. Computers, controllers, CAD/CAM systems, workstations / terminals, data entry terminals, bar code readers, RFID tags, printers, plotters and other peripheral devices, modems, cables, connectors etc.,

CIM software comprises computer programmes to carry out the following functions:

·         Management Information System 

·         Sales

·         Marketing

·         Finance

·         Database Management

·         Modelling and Design

·         Analysis

·         Simulation

·         Communications

·         Monitoring

·         Production Control

·         Manufacturing Area Control

·         Job Tracking

·         Inventory Control

·         Shop Floor Data Collection

·         Order Entry

·         Materials Handling

·         Device Drivers

·         Process Planning

·         Manufacturing Facilities Planning

·         Work Flow Automation

·         Business Process Engineering

·         Network Management

·         Quality Management

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