Shortcut Keys for Object SNAP – OSNAP

To PerformCommandShortcut
Switches OSNAP on/offOSNAPF3
Turns snap on/offSNAPF9 or CTRL+B
Turns object snap tracking on/offOSNAP TRACKF11 or CTRL+W
Apparent intersection of 2 objectsAPPARENT INTAPP
Snap to centre pointCEN ofCEN
Opens drafting settings/object snap dialogueDDOSNAPDS
Snap to end of line etcENDPOINTEND
Extends lines beyond endpointEXTENSIONEXT
Snap to an offset distance from an object snapFROMFRO
Snap to insertion point of text or blockINSERTIONINS
Snap to intersection of lines, circles, arcsINTERSECTIONINT
Snap to midpoint of line etcMIDPOINTMID
Snap near to an objectNEARESTNEA
Snap to point nodeNODENOD
Turns off object snap modesNONENON
Continues a line parallel to existingPARALLELPAR
Snap to perpendicular of line etcPERPENDICULARPER
Snap to quadrant of circle, arc, ellipseQUADRANTQUA
Snap to tangent of circle, arc, ellipseTANGENTTAN
Locate points without drawing linesTRACKTK
Temporary tracking pointTTTT
Cycle through OSNAP points.TAB

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