Vapor Absorption Vs Vapor Compression Refrigeration

There are some aspects in which vapor absorption refrigeration system is different from that of vapor compression. The main principle is the same for the two systems. But there are differences between power consumption COP, mechanical parts etc.

Comparison between vapor absorption and vapor compression refrigeration systems

S.noAspectVapor Absorption SystemVapor Compression System
1Quality of the Energy InputLow grade energy sources are more than capable of running a vapor absorption system. These sources can be waste heat from furnaces, exhauststeam etc. Solar power can also be used for running it.Vapor compression system needs high grade energy. It needs electrical or mechanical energy for operating compressor which is an essential part of VC refrigeration system.
2Moving part in the systemThe only moving part of Vapor absorption refrigeration system is the pump.In Vapor compression the moving part is the compressor which operated by electric motoror engine .
3Effect of EvaporatorpressureVery little effect is seen in the refrigeration capacity with the lowering evaporatorpressure.The refrigerating effect or refrigeration capacity decreases with the lowering evaporatorpressure.
4Workability at Load varying loadLoad Variation does not have any effect on the performance of the vapor absorption systemVapor compression system does not work well at partial load. The performance is very poor.
5EvaporatorexitIn vapor absorption system, if the liquid refrigerant leaves the evaporator, the refrigerating effect is reduced but the system functions well without any problem.Liquid refrigerant entering compressor is not desirable in Vapor compression system. It could damagethe compressor. So the refrigerant is superheated before leaving the evaporator.
6Lowest temperatureWhen water is used as refrigeration the temperature attained is above 0 degreeCelsius-150 degree Celsius or even lower can be achieved with the cascading system.
7Coefficientof PerformanceThe COP of absorption refrigeration system is poor.The COP of Vapor compression system is very good.
8CapacityCapacity above 1000 TR is easily achievable.It is difficult to capacity above 1000 TR with single compression system.
9RefrigerantAmmonia or water can be used as refrigerant with a proper absorber.Hydrocarbons, Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons are used as refrigerations.

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