Power Plant Engineering, Power and Sources of Energy

Power plant engineering mainly deals with the study of energy. For the power generation it utilizes the energy. With the help of turbine we can generate the power. By using the prime movers large amount of power is generated in a layout or from the site so it is known as power plant. In the layout we can see the machineries and equipment located for the power generation.

The capacity to do work is known as energy. We can notice various forms of energy like mechanical energy, solar energy, thermal energy, electrical energy. From all the energies electrical energy is easy to produce. We can also transport easily plus to control and use.


Power is related to the mechanical and electrical work energy. It is defined as the rate of flow of energy and power plant is built for the production. It delivers in the flow of electrical or mechanical energy.

Sources of Energy:

The main source for the generation of the energy are coal, fuel, gas, oil and nuclear. These sources are named as conventional energy sources.

We can also use non-conventional energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, tidal energy.

Energy recourse are classified in to several types they are

  • Conventional energy
  • Non-conventional energy

Conventional energy sources:

Conventional energy sources are also known as non-renewable sources. The energy is taken from the coal, fuel, natural gas, oil and nuclear fuels. These sources are known as non-renewable energy resources. These sources naturally available from the earth, there is no possibility to create these form of energy.

Non-conventional energy sources:

A non-conventional energy source is also known as renewable energy resources. Sources which are used again and again are known as renewable resources. Mainly these sources are used to produce the energy. We cannot replace them with the other sources. Some of them are

  • Heat and light energy from the sum
  • Kinetic energy from the wind.
  • Kinetic energy from the tides and waves
  • Geothermal energy from the earth core.

Power plant classification:

  • Coal is used in the thermal power plant
  • Petrol and diesel are used in the internal combustion engine
  • Permanent gases are used in gas turbine power plant
  • Nuclear fuels are used in nuclear power plant
  • Sun radiation heat is used in the solar power plant
  • Power of tides used in the Tidal power plant
  • Potential energy from the hydroelectric power plant
  • Wind energy from the wind source
  • Heat energy available from the earth source is known as geothermal power plant.

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