Types of Internal Combustion Engines

Internal combustion engines can be classified into a large number of types based on several criteria. The classification of IC engines is given below:

1.      Based on the fuel used

·         Diesel Engine

·         Petrol Engine (or Gasoline Engine)

2.      Based on the type of cycle

·         Otto Cycle Engine

·         Diesel Cycle Engine

·         Dual Cycle Engine

3.      Based on the number of strokes per cycle

·         Two-stroke Engine

·         Four-stroke Engine

4.      Based on the number of cylinders

·         Single Cylinder Engine

·         Multi cylinder Engine

Ø  Twin Cylinder Engine

Ø  Three Cylinder Engine

Ø  Four Cylinder Engine

Ø  Six Cylinder Engine

Ø  Eight Cylinder Engine

Ø  Twelve Cylinder Engine

Ø  Sixteen Cylinder Engine

5.      Based on the type of ignition

·         Spark Ignition Engine (S.I. Engine)

·         Compression Ignition Engine (C.I. Engine)

6.      Based on the lubrication system used

·         Dry sump lubricated engine

·         Wet sump lubricated Engine

7.      Based on the cooling system used

·         Air-cooled Engine

·         Water-cooled Engine

8.      Based on the arrangement of valves

·         L-head Engine

·         I-head Engine

·         T-head Engine

·         F-head Engine

9.      Based on the position of cylinders

·         Horizontal Engine

·         Vertical Engine

·         Radial Engine

·         Opposed Piston Engine

·         Opposed Cylinder Engine

·         V Engine

·         W Engine

·         Inline Engine

10.  Based on the pressure boost given to the inlet air or air-fuel mixture

·         Naturally aspired Engine

·         Supercharged Engine

·         Turbocharged Engine

·         Crankcase compressed Engine

11.  Based on application

·         Automobile Engine

·         Aircraft Engine

·         Locomotive Engine

·         Marine Engine

·         Stationary Engine

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