Role of Society

The major role of the society in entrepreneurship is support. Entrepreneurs contribute to the society in the following ways −

●      Business yields and allots products and services to meet certain public requirements. Business has to be very flexible and frequent research on consumer demands should be done to increase profit.

●      Entrepreneurs create job opportunities. Income is ensured through entrepreneurship. It is a very important factor to consider.

●      Entrepreneurship has its own contribution in the national well-being. It ensures it in different ways, assisting the government to preserve and manage all kinds of public, social institutions and services, etc.

Entrepreneurs facilitate in enlightening and educating people and motivating their growth at a personal level. Due to high level of competition in the market, it is important for both businessmen as well as their employees to be involved in the constant process of learning and improving personal skills and abilities like creativity, determination, communication skills and vision for new business chances.

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