What is meant by welding rod 7018?

Welding electrode E7018 is a term that describes the electrode’s tensile strength, welding position, flux coating and current. E7018 electrodes are used in manual metal arc or MMA welding.

In MMA welding, an arc is struck between the electrode and the object in question. The electrode and metal object melt and form a solid on cooling. As it melts, the central electrode acts as the filler material to create the new, seamless solid mass. As such, it is a consumable material.The number code of the electrode is known as its AWS, or American Welding Society, name. The digits all have a specific meaning.

  • E designates the electrode for MMA welding
  • 70 is the tensile strength in ksi, or force per square inch; In this case, 70,000 pounds or force per square inch or 480M/nn2
  • 1 indicates all welding positions while 2 indicates horizontal and flat only
  • 8 indicates the type of flux coating; in this case, iron powder low hydrogen AC or DC+

Use of the correct electrode of the right size and at the correct angle is essential to producing a successful weld. MMA welding is one of the most widely used welding techniques and is often the preferred method for carbon steels.

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