What shifts are caused in power relationships by Computers?

Power relationship caused by Computers:

1. Job Elimination:     

Computers still continue to lead to elimination of jobs.  While employees cannot be paid when there is no work, all attempts are to be made by employers to readjust work assignments and retain employees.  The  absence   of  this  practice  creates  an  employee   or  public  backlash   against introduction of Computers.

2. Customer Relations:

It is very easy for a customer to notice an error in a computer printout, of the price difference between what is shown at the shelf and what  is shown in cash receipt register.

Here moral sense and long term business requirement requires that the policies should be made favorable to consumers.

3. Biased Software:

A group of people  with known convictions,  may tend  to produce  software  which favor’s their views rather than views from all angles to let the user decide finally.

4. Stock Trading:

Automatic, hands-off trading of stocks and currency can be performed, benefiting the trading community but it will harm the intended purposes.

5. Unrealistic Expectations:

Sales personnel have a tendency to oversell systems that are too large for customers’

requirements; sometimes even those which are not ready for delivery.

6. Political Power:

By obtaining information about different  groups of people regarding their attitudes and values, the computers can be made to help politicians to make speeches, send mails, etc. which would be appealing selectively to these groups.

7. Military Weapons:

Computerized military weapons, even if perfected, will only make opposing countries to develop their striking or responding capability which is not healthy for the world.

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