What can MNCs do to promote morally just measures? Or what are Richard T. De George’s guidelines for moral promotion by MNCs?

•    MNCs business should do more overall good than bad towards the economy of the host country than doing good to a few corrupt leaders in oppressive regimes.

•    They must respect laws and regulations of the local country as long as they do not violate basic moral rights.

•    They must pay a living wage, even when local companies fail to pay such a wage, but otherwise pay only enough to attract competent workers.

•    It is permissible for the US to transfer dangerous technology like asbestos production to another country and then simply adopt that country’s safety laws only under the following conditions.

–Workers may be so desperate for income to feed their families that they will work under almost any conditions

–Pay workers for the extra risk

•     Good judgements exercised in good faith, than abstract principles, is the only way to address practical problems.

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