Procedures to be followed before Whistle Blowing

• Except for extreme emergencies, always try working through normal organizational channels.

• Be prompt in expressing objections.

• Proceed in a tactful manner with due consideration to the feelings of others involved.

•  As much as possible, keep supervisors informed of your actions, both informally and formally.

•  Be accurate  in observations  and  claims  and  keep  all formal  records  documenting relevant events.

• Consult colleagues for advice and also to avoid isolation.

•  Consult the ethics committee  of your professional  society before going outside the organization.

• Consult a lawyer regarding potential legal liabilities.

A great  deal  of  introspection  and  reflection  are  required  before  WB.  Motive  should neither be for revenge upon fellow employee, supervisor or company nor in the hope of future gains like book contracts or speaking tours etc.

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