Radial Turbine

·         Flow enters the impeller radially and exits axially. These machines are termed as inward flow turbines.

·         A radial turbine stage consists of volute, nozzle guide vanes and impeller.

·         High pressure gas passes through the volute and / or nozzle guide vanes, increasing its kinetic energy The high velocity gas transfers its energy to the impeller shaft by flowing radially inward through the impeller.

·         The nozzles with adjustable vanes provide highest efficiency.

·         Radial turbines employ a relatively higher pressure drop per stage with low mass flow rate.

·         The specific speed and power range of the radial turbines are low.

·         Since rotors / impellers are made of single piece construction, they are mechanically strong and are more reliable.

Applications of Radial Turbine

·         Gas turbine

·         Turbocharger

·        Process industry

Radial Turbine Component

Radial Turbine Specification

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