Advantages of Cycloidal gear teeth

1.  Since the cycloidal teeth have wider flanks, therefore the cycloidal gears are stronger than the involute gears, for the same pitch. Due to this reason, the cycloidal teeth are preferred especially for cast teeth.

2.  In cycloidal gears, the contact takes place between a convex flank and a concave surface, where as in involute gears the convex surfaces are in contact. This condition results in less wear in cycloidal gears as compared to involute gears. However the difference in wear is negligible

3.  In cycloidal gears, the interference does not occur at all. Though there are advantages of cycloidal gears but they are outweighed by the greater simplicity and flexibility of the involute gears.

 S.No.    Involute tooth gears   Cycloid tooth gears  
 1.   The profile of involute gears is the   The profile of cycloidal gears is double 
     single curvature.     curvaturei.e.epicycloidand 
 2.   The pressure angle from start of   The pressure angle varies from start of 
     engagement of teeth to the end of   engagement to end of engagement, 
     engagement   remainsconstant,   which  results  into  less  smooth 
     which results into smooth running.   running.    
 3.   Manufacturing of involute gears is   Manufacturing of cycloidal gears is 
     easy  due  to  single  curvature  of   difficult due to double curvature of 
     tooth profile.     tooth profile.    
 4.   Theinvolutegearshave   The  cycloidal  gears  do  not  have 
     interference problem.    interference problem.  
 5.   More wear of tooth surface.   Less wear as convex face engages with 
            concave flank.   
 6.   The strength of involute teeth is less   The  strength  of  cyloidal  teeth  is 
     due to radial flanks     comparatively  more  due  to  wider 

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