Length of an open Belt Drive

We have already discussed that in an open belt drive, both the pulleys rotate in the same direction as shown in Fig.


r1and r2= Radii of the larger and smaller pulleys,

= Distance between the centres of two pulleys (i.e. O1 O2), and L = Total length of the belt.

Let the belt leaves the larger pulley at E and G and the smaller pulley at F and H as shown in Fig. Through O2, draw O2 M parallel to FE.

From the geometry of the figure, we find that OM will be perpendicular to OE. Let the angle MOO1 = α radians.

We know that the length of the belt,

= Arc GJE + EF + Arc FKH + HG

= 2 (Arc JE + EF + Arc FK)

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