Elastic Modulii

Types of Elastic Modulii

There are two types of elastic modulus based on the nature of the stresses:

    1)Modulus of Elasticity ( compressive or tensile stress )

    2)Modulus of Rigidity   ( Shear stress )

Modulus of Elasticity

” Modulus of Elasticity is also called as “Young’s Modulus”. The ratio of tensile stress or compressive stress to corresponding stain is a constant. This ratio is known as Young’s Modulus or Modulus of Elasticity and is denoted as ‘E’ “

Young’s modulus is given by :

Formula for Young’s Modulus.  

Modulus of Rigidity:

 ” Modulus of Rigidity is also known as ‘ Shear Modulus’. The ratio of Shear stress to the corresponding Shear strain within the elastic limit, is known as Modulus of Rigidity “

Shear Modulus is given by:

Formula of  Shear Modulus 

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