Donating money or supplies

Donation of money to established non-governmental agencies is the most efficient way of responding to disasters. Financial contributions allow professional relief organisations to purchase exactly what is most urgently needed and pay for the transportation necessary to distribute these supplies. The supplies can often be purchased locally, reducing transport and storage costs, stimulating local economies, providing employment and ensuring that supplies arrive as quickly as possible.

Donating equipment and supplies can be more complicated. Before organising collections of physical therapy equipment and assistive devices, it is important to confirm with the relief agencies that there is a need for the items. It is important to have an accurate analysis of need in the disaster-stricken area before determining the response.

Many groups raise money for disaster relief. Many are reputable, but some may not be. Whenever you make a donation it is prudent to take steps to ensure the money you are giving will be used for the intended purpose.

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