Question Set 31

Question No. 1

What factors influence the amount of initial tension?


The factors influence the amounts of initial tension are

1.     External load

2.     Material used

3.     Bolt diameter

Question No. 2

What is bolt of uniform strength?


A bolt of uniform strength has equal strength at the thread and shank portion.

Question No. 3

What are the ways to produce bolts of uniform strength?


The ways to produce bolts of uniform strength are

1.     Reducing shank diameter equal to root diameter.

2.     Drilling axial hole

Question No. 4

What stresses act on screw fastenings?


Stresses act on screw fastenings are

1.     Initial stresses due to screwing up

2.     Stresses due to external forces

3.     Combined stresses.

Question No. 5

What are the different applications of screwed fasteners?


The different applications of screwed fasteners are

1.     For readily connecting & disconnecting machine parts without damage

2.     The parts can be rigidly connected

3.     Used for transmitting power

Question No. 6

What are the advantages of screwed fasteners?


The advantages of screwed fasteners are

1.     They are highly reliable in operation

2.     They are convenient to assemble & disassemble

3.     A wide range of screws can be used for various operating conditions

4.     They are relatively cheap to produce.

Question No. 7

Define pitch.


Pitch is defined as the distance from appoint on one thread to the corresponding on the adjacent thread in the same axis plane.

Question No. 8

Define lead.


Lead is defined as the distance, which a screw thread advances axially in one rotation of the nut.

Question No. 9

What are the different types of metric thread?


The different types of metric thread are

1.     BSW (British standard Whit worth)

2.     BSE (British standard End)

Question No. 10

Define welding.


Welding can be defined as a process of joining two similar or dissimilar metals with or without application of pressure along with or without addition of filler material.

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