Blink Code in Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Blink Code

Blink code is a method of visual indication of the components fault to the service technician, by means of flashing Blink Code Lamp. The number and sequence of flashes indicate the status of the system or the nature of failure. This is useful to the service technician both during periodic checkup as well as during troubleshooting the system whenever a failure is observed through the Warning Lamp.

How to use Blink Code?

The Blink code can be read by pressing the blink code switch. The blink code switch should be pressed till the first flash appears. This typically takes about 5 second. The exact number of flashes, which are separated by pauses, should be noted. Using the blink code table, the corresponding failure can be easily identified.

If the stored fault is not erased, it remains in the memory till it is erased, even if the fault is physically repaired. If there are more than one error, the user can read the errors one after the other by repairing and deleting the errors displayed and once again pressing the blink code switch.

How to erase Blink Code?

The fault which is stored in the system memory can be erased by once again invoking the blink code switch and keeping the switch pressed for the first three flashing.

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