Question Set 14

1)      Explain the term BOM?

BOM stands for Bill Of Materials; it is a list of item or parts that makeup a product assembly.  For example, a lawn mower requires a handle assembly, metal deck assembly, a control assembly, motor and blade assembly.

2)      Explain what is DCR?

DCR stands for Document Change Request, a change request which addresses about a problem with a document, SOP (standard operating procedure) or specification and propose a change to fix it.

3)      Explain what is Kanban?

Kanban is scheduling system which advises manufacturers about how much to produce, what to produce and when to produce.  In this system, inventory is re-filled only when visual cues like an empty bin or cart is seen.

4)      Explain what is MES?

MES stands for a system that manages and controls the production on the factory floor with the motive of reducing the total time required to produce an order.

5)      Explain what is Six Sigma?

Six sigma is a data-driven methodology and approach for eliminating defects in any process from manufacturing to transactional and from product to service.

6)      What is the difference between lean manufacturing and JIT (Just-in-Time) Manufacturing?

·         Lean Manufacturing:  It takes the concept of JIT and re-examines it from the customer point of view.  Anything that is produced should add something of valuable to the customer’s requirement. For example, if you are making stereo system for a luxury car, you will think from the customer point of view like sound quality, durability, space occupancy, loud or medium sound, etc.

·         JIT (Just-in-Time):  This methodology is designed to ensure that a product or part would arrive just in time to be used. This technique saves the cost behind the unused inventory, and eliminating the need of piling up inventory.

7)      Explain what is QMS?

QMS stands for Quality Management System; it documents all necessary information about company’s design and operational controls, including issue reporting, monitoring, continuous improvement and training, to make sure that company delivers continuous product.

8)      Explain what is batch production?

Batch production is a manufacturing technique, where components or goods are produced in groups and not in a continuous stream. This methodology is mainly used when similar items are produced together.

9)      What is the challenge in manufacturing products?

Main challenge in manufacturing is to develop better production processes, ensure the right material and component supplies at the least cost, decrease production time, eliminate wastage and maintain quality in the final product.

10)   List out the factors that can affect the manufacturing process?

The factors affect the manufacturing process are

·         Supplies: A well-managed supply and inventory is very crucial in order to run manufacturing process smoothly. The manufacturers must brace themselves up and ready to overcome any unexpected delays in supplies due to weather or transportation hindrance.

·         Equipment: Equipment’s are the central unit for any manufacturing plant; regular maintenance are utmost necessary to avoid a breakdown in the middle of production. Identify the means of improving the efficiency of every part of the equipment.

·         Factory Overhead: Without power supply, manufacturing is not possible.  Always keep plan B ready in case of temporary power cut down.

·         Special Parts: Replacing any special spare parts with different specification may slow down your production, so before ordering any special spare parts ensure it fits your demand especially if it is imported from long distance.

·         Work Force:  Human resource is equally important and plays a major role in manufacturing unit.

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