Hydraulic turbines & Types

Hydraulic Turbines are also known as water turbines

Pelton Turbine:

Pelton turbine is a type of impulsive water turbine

Francis Turbine:

Francis turbine is a type of water turbine.  They are used widely.

Kaplan Turbine:

We can notice the little variation from the Francis turbine

Turgo turbine:

Pelton wheel modification is turgo turbine.

Cross flow turbine:

It is also known as Ossberger turbine or banki Michell Turbine.

Wind turbine:

The Wind turbines are operated at the single stage but there is working without nozzle and inter-stage guide vanes.

Mercury vapour turbine:

In the mercury vapour turbine working fluid is mercury. It is used to improve the efficiency of the fossil fueled generating station. In some power plants we can see notice the combination of the conventional steam turbine and mercury vapours. The toxicity of the metal mercury was quickly outward.

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